Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the Special Benefits Tax?
The Special Benefits Tax was first collected by the District in 2010, and it applies to each residential and commercial property owner within the District (Morgan, Marion, and Hendricks counties). lt is an ad valorem tax, meaning the tax varies based on the assessed valuation of each property.  The Special Benefits Tax is collected as a portion of the annual property tax bill issued by the County Treasurer. The total tax varies in dollar amount each year depending on the projected shortfall in revenues needed to operate the District for the coming year.  A home assessed at $100,000 would pay about $140 annually, subject to change. 

What are current water rates (Morgan County only)? 

The District provides potable water service to its customers in Morgan County only.  (Citizens Energy provides water service for Hendricks and Marion County customers, please call 317.924.3311 or

Effective June 29, 2016, Monthly Water Rates and Charges are:

All Residential Users pay a fixed Base Rate of $14.15, plus:
First 10,000 Gallons used $5.14 per thousand
Next 10,000 Gallons used $4.19 per thousand
Next 80,000 Gallons used $3.69 per thousand
Over 100,000 Gallons used $2.99 per thousand

All rates subject to change, as approved by the District Board.

Who owns Tri-County Conservancy District?  

Tri-County Conservancy District  was formed and its operation is  governed by Indiana Code 14-33-1-1 et seq.  The District is a governmental entity, a political subdivision of the state and a special taxing district.  The Board is elected in accordance with the governing statute, and the Board Members receive no compensation for their services.   As a governmental entity no one "owns" the District. 

How do I hook up to your sewer or water? 

Sewer- If your property lies within District boundaries, please go to our Contact Us page, to request confirmation of our sanitary sewer service and receive requirements.  The District will issue an EDU permit, required for your construction permit, upon our satisfactory review of plans, specifications, and payment of any fees.  The current one-time EDU fee is $3,500, plus a $60 application fee and a $100 per lateral inspection fee, subject to change.

Water- if you are a Morgan County resident, please contact us to confirm service and requirements.  Our water tap fee is $300, plus $50 application fee and a $75 per service inspection fee.  Hendricks and Marion County customers need to contact Citizens Energy Group 317.924.3311 or